Directions: First go to this site: and click Greece. Then you are ready to start your scavenger hunt. Good Luck!

  1. What questions were myths told or written to answer?
  2. What is the geography of Greece?
  3. What Greek words would put together to mean the word democracy?
  4. For a Greeks? ?Boys Night Out?, what did they drink from?
  5. What city was named after Athena, goddesses of wisdom and welfare? And how many of cities across United States has that name?
  6. What word did theater rooted from and what is the meaning of the word?
  7. When did death in the ancient world usually came? And, why?
  8. What Greek tragedy was Harry Potter?s riddle of the sphinx, in the Goblet of Fire, based from?
  9. Who recorded the earliest and greatest works of ancient Greek literature? And what are those Greek literature?
  10. What are the three mythic creatures that came from the Greek culture?
  11. What do the colors of the Modern-day Greek flag reflect?
  12. What are the two Florida cities that have Greek names?
  13. What are the three original Classical orders in Greek Architecture?
  14. Where did the Nike athletic company took their name from?
  15. What are the myth stories normally about?
  16. Where were the muses said to dance and sing with Apollo, the god of music?
  17. Where were theaters built in ancient Greek?
  18. What were bathtubs also used for in ancient Greek? Why?
  19. What is a myth?
  20. What are athletes in ancient Greek?
  21. What is the geography of Greece?
  22. What was the riddle Opedipus Rex answer correctly and what was his answer?
  23. What is the home of gods and goddesses of Greek mythology?
  24. What was a legendary city made famous in the stones of ancient Greece? How many cities across United States has that name?
  25. What Greek word did our word athletics come from? What does in mean?

You Have Made It! Well Done! Now it is time to check your answers.


  1. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why do things happen?
  2. Stark and rugged land of mountains that drop into the sea and resurface in the Mediterranean waters as chains of islands
  3. Kratos (rule or authority) + demos (the people)
  4. Kylix
  5. Athens / 12
  6. Theatron, meaning ?seeing places?
  7. At a young age because young men died at battle and young women died at home giving birth to their children
  8. Opedipus Rex
  9. The poet Homer / The Iliad and the Odyssey
  10. Griffin, Satyrs, Sirens
  11. The brilliant blue of sea and sky and the white of clouds, wind tossed waves and limestone mountains
  12. Arcadia, Florida and Marathon, Florida
  13. The Doric, the Ionic, and the Corinthian
  14. Nike, the goddess of victory
  15. Gods, goddess, heroes, great deeds, and supernatural powers.
  16. Mt. Parnassus
  17. Into hillsides
  18. They also served its owner as a coffin because they believe that the souls of the death must travel across water to reach the afterlife.
  19. A story
  20. Warriors in training
  21. Stark and rugged land of mountains that drop into the sea and resurface in the blue Mediterranean waters as chains of islands.
  22. What creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening? / Man, who walks on four legs as a baby, two as an adult, and three with a cane, as an old man.
  23. The rocky peaks of Mt. Olympos
  24. Troy / 5
  25. Athloi which means labors and implying struggle, sacrifice and competition


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