"Trust the Midas Touch" Have you ever heard of that saying? Well here is the story  behind that:

The moral of the story of King Midas is that there is more to life than greed and making a wish for money can have some bad consequences. Some people think that the story leads to a differently moral, especially in this day and age. They think when you ?think and you will receive? is becoming more and more aligned with universal truth. They believe his mistake is not that he made a wish for gold, but that he didn?t wish for more. They says that he stopped too soon in his wishing and came up with a botched dream. If you want to read the story for yourself, go to Mida in Myth

 Works of Art Inspired by the Midas Story


Myth related - shops:

  • FTD.com - This is a flower shop that adopted the Mercury Man as it?s logo.
  • Argo YBJ - (Astrophysical Radiation with Ground-based Observatory at YangBaJing) Similar to the mythological Argo Panoptes because it looks at the whole sky with many detectors (eyes) day and night and never falls asleep.

How does society today reflect the values of the Midas myth?

I think that society today reflects the values of the Midas myth because almost everyone is trying to find a way to ?get rich.? They try anything to be able to get more money. But the people who have a lot of money are still not happy, sometimes because they want more money or their life is unhappy. Having a family, money, friends, and a million of fans doesn?t appeal to some celebrities and they do bad something to get them noticed. Even regular people do that sometimes to; like using drugs, drinking excessively, be suicidal, etc. What would your answer be to this question?


Resources Used:

The Midas Story Revisited


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